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Herb Gleason

In Memoriam

9 December 2013

Dear All,

The news this morning is so very sad - the death in Boston of our friend and 'fourth founder' of Salzburg Global Seminar, Herbert Gleason. Herb was surrounded by family this weekend including his son David and daughter Alice and was conscious and alert until Friday evening. David wrote me yesterday that his father 'loved, loved, loved the Seminar' and said again how much the tribute in June had meant to him.

Herb had been diagnosed with melanoma in late summer.  The treatment he chose produced a series of side effects that seriously weakened his immune system and led to his rapid decline.  But he managed to participate just six weeks ago in our health fellowship event in Boston and conspired then with John Lotherington on a 'right to health' seminar now underway in Salzburg.

I spoke with Herb three weeks ago before leaving for Japan and Korea.  He was characteristically full of excitement for the Seminar's work.  He mentioned a picture I had sent to him of his bronze likeness, created by Elizabeth Mortimer, which now resides outside Parker Hall.  Herb commented, and I could visualize a twinkle in his eye: 'This allows me to always keep my eye on things.'  He wished me well for our first seminar to be held in Asia and closed by saying 'sayonara'.

Sayonara, Herb, from an ever expanding community of Salzburg Fellows and friends across the world.  We are forever in your debt. Rest in peace.

A memorial service for Herb has been arranged at Arlington Street Church, Boston on January 11, 2013 in the early afternoon.

Stephen L. Salyer
President & Chief Executive Officer
Salzburg Global Seminar

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